George Frigo

Product / Motion designer. Crafting the craziest ideas for the real world.

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Colette is a color palette creator, which help to find the right brand mood for your projects.

  • Scan the whole page or selected area
  • Export color palette to PNG, Sketch or Photoshop
  • Manage your palettes in History
  • Work with Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari


This is an experiment, which first step was to know what does animation sound like. It was inspired by MyBreath application, during the animation process, in Reinvently by Provectus.

Then, it goes to much deeper level, and now, with a team, we are building an algorithm for transformation any kind of video content to music.


Mystic, and sometimes dramatic adventure
of the old man in the fantasy worlds to find himself.

  • Script is ready
  • 250+ storyboard shots are drawn
  • Teasier in production
  • Full-length cartoon in future